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Principle Investigator: Professor Janice Mann, Art & Art History.

Research Assistants: Nicole Adams, Rebecca Reeve, Ariel Senackerib

L&IT Partners: Emily Sherwood, Courtney Paddick, Diane Jakacki

Nicole Adams, Rebecca Reeve, Ariel Senackerib

This summer three art history students–Nicole Adams, Rebecca Reeve and Ariel Senackerib–worked with Janice Mann to examine Edith Fetherston’s paintings, letters, postcards, and the objects she collected using various digital tools. Nicole looks at excerpts from Fetherston’s diaries and postcards in combination with selected objects from the collection to restore the collector’s voice to the objects and to reveal her curatorial decisions. Ariel’s project explores the “exotic” features of Fetherston’s paintings and their sources with the intent of revealing the artist’s attitude towards and understanding of Asia. Rebecca is creating a digital archive of the personal papers and ephemera in the Packwood House archive. We anticipate that the archive will reveal much about the public and private lives of an upper class couple with artistic interests, who engaged deeply with the world outside of their small town.